Ski route 3 - Czech mountain resorts

Overview of individual points of your route:

B - Ještěd Ski Resort - take the cable car to Ještěd and look around

C - Aquapark Babylon - after a busy day, relax in the local wellness center

D - Špindlerův Mlýn - the largest and most famous Czech ski resort

E - Janske Lazne - Montenegro

F - Ski resort Dolní Morava

G - Ski resort Bílá in Beskydy

H - stop on your way back in Olomouc


Get to know the most famous Czech ski resorts, which can in many ways come closer to their Austrian competition. In season, however, you have to prepare for longer waiting times for lifts and cable cars, of course, depends on the resort and time.


The total length of this route (on departure and arrival to Prague) is 945 km, estimated fuel costs are about CZK 4,500, our motorhomes are already equipped with a highway sign for the Czech Republic.

Mapa (HTML):