Asterix Amusement Park (France)

Look forward to more than 30 attractions, interesting shows and a dolphinarium! With some luck, perhaps a druid will offer you a magic drink, after which you will become an invincible hero.
You will certainly enjoy the experiences from ANTIC GREECE, THE ROMAN EMPIRE, GALLIAN VILLAGE, ANTIC WAY and VIKING.
NEW 2012 - a new 9ha thematic section dedicated to Egypt with a new roller coaster (the highest and fastest in France) LA TRACE DU HOURRA - an interesting bobsleigh" track that will take you to prehistoric times and will speed 60km / h. around rocks and trees.
GOUDURIX- on this crazy roller coaster you turn 7x head down!
MENHIR EXPRESS - these are logs on the water, where you fall from a height of 13 into the water! A little refreshing and rightfully this attraction is one of the best water attractions from all European parks.
TONNERRE DE ZEUS - wooden roller coaster (up to 85km / h!), Declared by the public "" The best wooden roller coaster in Europe ""
TRANDÉMONIUM - haunted castleDELFINARIUM - here you will find amazing shows! Dolphins Perform in Sensational Water Choreography »

+33 1 53 48 39 53

+49° 8' 3.69", +2° 34' 15.81"

Daily admission - 44 EUR adults, 33 EUR children
Name and address: 

Autocamping D'aumont, Place de l'Eglise, Aumont En Halatte

+33 3 44 60 00 42
15 km
Opening hours: 
9:00 - 18:00 (longer at special events)
April 7th
4th November