Bologna (Boloňa) (Italy)

Bologna is best known on foot, so park your caravan or caravan and let yourself be drawn into this attractive and lively place. Piazza Maggiore is the fifth largest basilica in the world and a series of Renaissance palaces. The Morandi Museum exhibits 200 works of art. One of the most appealing confusions is Quadrilatero - a busy district full of market stalls and delicatessen. You can find a collection of Etruscan art at the Museo Civico Archeologico, and countless temples and basilicas are also worth a visit. Unmistakable landmarks of Bologna are Le Due Torri towers, the higher Torre degli Asinelli has 498 steps and is open to the public, the lower Torre Garisenda is 48 meters high. The Palazzo Poggi features university museums. Bologna is a place to eat well, but also to cook well.

Emilia-Romagna and San Marino
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Fratelli Capeggi, Via del Triumvirato n. 11, Bologna

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