Trip to Europe

  • Aquileia (Italy)

    Aquileia (Italy)

    Aquileia was founded in 181 BC, today it is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. This small town is situated at the eastern end of the Venetian lowland.

  • Areal Lipno nad Vltavou (Czechia)

    Areal Lipno nad Vltavou (Czechia)

    Lipno area offers a large number of winter and summer activities including skiing, skating, rope park, bobsled, water sports, etc.

  • Arles (France)

    Arles (France)

    Arles is a city in southern France. It was founded by Gaul and in 46 BC was promoted to a military colony by Julius Caesar.

  • Ascoli Piceno (Italy)

    Ascoli Piceno (Italy)

    Ascoli Piceno (Latin Asculum) is an Italian city in the Marche region and is the capital of the province of the same name. It is 25 km from the Adriatic Sea. It has 51 523 inhabitants.

  • Asterix Amusement Park (France)

    Asterix Amusement Park (France)

    ASTERIX PARK is the craziest theme park in France and is located north of Paris. It focuses on the famous French comic heroes, the Gallic warriors ASTERIXE and OBELIXE, who defied the Roman legions with a magic potion.

  • ATC Bystrina - all year round camping (Slovakia)

    Year-round camping in Liptovsky Mikulas, Liptovska Mara. Ski resort Jasna is located 8km.

  • Augsburg Monastery of St Florian (Austria)

    Augsburg Monastery of St Florian (Austria)

    The Augustinian monastery hovering over St Florian dates back to 819, the Augustinian walls have been here since 1071.

  • Austrian Open Air Museum (Freilichtmuseum) (Austria)

    Austrian Open Air Museum (Freilichtmuseum) (Austria)

    The open-air museum in Stubing, about 15 km from Graz, has about 100 Austrian country houses. All buildings are original and were transported here from all parts of Austria.