Trip to Europe

  • Bergamo (Italy)

    Bergamo (Italy)

    Bergamo is located east of Milan and is one of the most charming cities of northern Italy due to the richness of its medieval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

  • Bojnice Castle (Slovakia)

    Bojnice Castle (Slovakia)

    This castle looks like a fairy tale - it is decorated with innumerable bay windows, balconies, towers and turrets with fluttering flags.

  • Bologna (Boloňa) (Italy)

    Bologna (Boloňa) (Italy)

    Bologna boasts one of the most amazing medieval city skyline. An eye-catching row of red brick palaces, Renaissance towers and 40 km of peristyle. It is also the main Italian culinary city.

  • Bolzano (Italy)

    Bolzano (Italy)

    Bolzano is the capital of the province, the historic center of the city is typically Tyrolean, was a major market town. The peculiarity is that there are the highest summer temperatures from all over Italy, often rising up to 39 ° C.

  • BonBon Land Amusement Park (GermanyN)

    BonBon Land Amusement Park (GermanyN)

    BonBon Land is a Danish amusement park in Holme Olstrup, about 100 km from Copenhagen.

  • Bordeaux (France)

    Bordeaux (France)

    Bordeaux is a port city in the southwest of France. It is world famous for its wine.

  • Bratislava (Slovakia)

    Bratislava (Slovakia)

    The capital of Slovakia Bratislava is located on the border of three countries in the middle of Eastern Europe, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. This small town offers a wealth of art, culture and history.

  • Bregenz - Lake Constance (Austria)

    Bregenz - Lake Constance (Austria)

    Only in Bregenz you will find yourself on the shores of Lake Constance, at the top of 1064m high Pfander, or you can stroll through the cobbled streets of the historic part of town.